I love making art and have fun while I'm doing it.


Wabooze grew up with his parents in Minneapolis, Minnesota until he was 15 years old. He moved to Manitoba, Canada with his sister to attend high school. He had some interest in visual art throughout his adolescent years.

After reading a few books suggesting that he should make art consistently, he started making art as much as he could. One book in particular was called Art / Work. The other was Rework.

Wabooze went to Red River College for a graphic design class in 2003 and was introduced to drawing realistically. He bought a book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. He went to university three times. His third time, he had the intent on majoring in philosophy. He took a course in art history and was fascinated in the Impressionists and Vincent Van Gogh among other artists. There, he felt that he wanted to be an artist, but he still wasn’t serious. 

Wabooze also enjoys being a Winnipeg artist very much. He would like more people to be aware of him and his art, so tell your friends about him.